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Google Search Ranking Factors 2012

We came across this Google Search Ranking Factors infographic by Martin Missfeldt, a Berlin based German artist, who focuses on creative SEO, SEO for images and YouTube video-optimization, this morning and felt we would share it as there is value in this.   There is a lot happening on this infographic, but the most important Read more »

New Facebook Timeline features for brands coming soon!

Facebook is going to be releasing some new features to the Timeline, so grab a pen and paper, let’s go through these new changes. #1 Global and Local Pages Brands with a global operation that manages a number of local Facebook Pages will now be able to switch from the global page to the local Read more »

Nine Tips On Increasing Social Influence That Everyone Should Know

I think that many people and companies are disillusioned about social media. They think that if they have an account on the relevant social networks that they have an online presence. Sure, they might be present on the social networks, but what is that presence saying about them? Are they oversharing? Your followers and friends Read more »

Free social media kick-off kit

It’s without a doubt that social media has become an incredibly important part of any marketing strategy. By tapping into social media channels, you open yourself up to enormous audiences: Twitter: Over 100 million users. Facebook: Over 900 million users (Facebook Statistics). Google+: Over 60 million users (said to reach 400 million by the end Read more »

Interview with Ross Hudgens

Something we wanted to do on Serperture was reach out to SEOs and Inbound Marketers who are Internationally recognised for their incredible work. If you follow events like SMX, Link Love, Mozcon and others, you’ll quickly see who the big shots are and these are the folks we want to interview, not only to get Read more »

Oh no, is Google making even more changes?

For months Google has mentioned a “Knowledge Graph” and it has now been officially launched. The idea, in short, is to provide searchers with more tangible facts about people, places and things next to the regular search results. Google’s SVP of Engineering, Amit Singhal explained the Knowledge Graph as, “The Knowledge Graph enables you to Read more »

5 high quality resources for icons!

Icons are incredible little things, from UI glyphs to Logos, they can turn a project from “this looks nice” to a project that is absolutely beautiful. We’re so priviledged to have some many talented icon designers, and icon resources on the internet today… Smashing Magazine Smashing magazine is an amazing collective of what’s new Read more »

Link profiling your competitors websites

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, links will always play a roll in your strategy. Since the launch of Penguin, it has become even more important to understand link profiles (a break down of all the backlinks to a specific website) than ever before. Building links on networks, buying links and all those quick Read more »

What Your Klout Score Says About You And Why It Matters

Klout, a startup based in San Francisco, wants to track the influence of every person online and give them a score out of 100. It is similar to Google’s attempt to rank every web page’s relevance. If you’re a Twitter user and your updates are public, you have a Klout score. You can link your Read more »

The Ultimate kick-start guide to Google Plus

Google Plus was launched in June 2011 and has already gathered over 100 million users, this compared to Facebook’s user base of roughly 850 million since February 2004 is very impressive in terms of progression. If this is something you’ve realised, then you’ll more than likely want to get involved with Google+ and tap into Read more »