Monthly Archives: <span>July 2012</span>

Disavow Link Tool – block bad incoming links!

With all the algorithm changes that web masters have experienced over the past few months, it’s becoming increasing important to identify bad links pointing to a website. We recently ran a test on a website, where we bought links and obtained links from websites with low authorities and watched how the website dropped in rankings. Read more »

How To Setup a WordPress Blog – Part 1

As a follow up to my previous post, Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog, I have put together a series of how-to blog posts on setting up your own WordPress blog. While some people may find it intimidating, I will do my very best to explain the process in simple terms and make it Read more »

Introducing: Search Engine Weather Report

If there’s one thing SEOs do a great deal, it’s mine data. And if you’re not mining data, then you probably should be, even if it’s just watching the movement of your keywords over the period of a couple months. This allows you to spot trends, which are invaluable. Talking about mining data, legendary Dr. Read more »

Webmaster Tools new feature – Index Status

Google have just made an announcement about a new feature available to website owners in Google Webmaster Tools – Index Status. Index Status refers to the number of pages on a website that Google has indexed. In other words, Google visits your website, looks at all the pages (not all, but many) and decides which Read more »

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

I recently took on a project where my client has been spending a great deal of money on organic and paid search, but there is no trace of any sort of conversion tracking. Before doing anything else, we defined some goals and put them in place, already we’re collecting invaluable data. Through using the data Read more »

Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

It should be obvious that every business has a website. In an online world, it is your virtual business card, and you can show the whole world what you have to offer, every day of the year. However, this is where many businesses stop. They don’t bother exploring blogging. For some, it may be intimidating, Read more »