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Who You Should Hire to Handle Your Social Media

No matter the size of your business or company, you can’t ignore the benefits of social media marketing for your company. It is a set of tools that is becoming widely adopted by all businesses as a complimentary tool for their marketing arsenal. It tends to be much more affordable than traditional media marketing and Read more »

Ten reasons to get your website audited

As a small business owner, you want to get the very best out of your website. After all, you’ve invested considerable time, energy and money on web design, web development and (we hope) web content. But what if your website isn’t bringing your business the benefits you’d been promised, or achieving the goals you’d hoped Read more »

Boost your fan base with Facebook Offers

If you’re familiar with FourSquare, you’ll know that as an establishment you’re able to align an offer with your establishment which activates based on certain criteria. One sample might be offering a free coffee when a person checks into your establishment for the first time, another might be offering the mayor of the establishment a Read more »

Introducing: The Structured Data Testing Tool

Not too long ago, we blogged about how to go about setting up author rich snippets in 3 easy steps and in the tutorial we spoke about Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool. Well, Google have renamed the tool to the Structured Data Testing Tool and made some great additions. Instead of showing a somewhat messy Read more »

Get automatically alerted when your website traffic declines

For a lot of people, there isn’t time to constantly look at Google Analytics to determine how much traffic a website is getting. Furthermore, many people own more than one website and the process of constantly logging in or looking at reports get tedious and annoying, and wastes a great deal of time. The good Read more »

Getting the most clicks from your Facebook article shares

We’ve all shared an article on Facebook before and we’ve all seem the incorrect image being associated with a post. Today we’re going to look at the Facebook Open Graph META tags and how to go about getting the most clicks with your Facebook shares. One of the great things about Facebook’s Open Graph is Read more »

How To Setup a WordPress Blog – Part 4

If you’ve been following my series of posts on how to setup a WordPress blog, you’ll see that we’ve come quite a long way together and now we’re headed for the final stretch. This post is going to deal with the installation of plugins on your blog. You might be wondering what plugins are. Plugins Read more »