Monthly Archives: <span>December 2012</span>

Rand Fishkin SEOmoz in Cape Town Interview

We’re incredibly excited that SEOmoz will be bringing Mozcation to Cape Town – it’s like a dream come true! A lot of people underestimate South Africa when it comes to technology, but that’s starting to change and Mozcation shows that! Cape Town has been called Silicon Cape for its technological advancements; start up culture and Read more »

How to publish your top posts of 2012

2012 is coming to an end and as it does, more and more website publishers are publishing articles that recap the year that has passed. If you want to write a year-end recap post and feature your top content for 2012, then here’s a quick and easily tutorial for you. Log into Google Analytics. Click Read more »

The rise of “not provided” in Google Analytics

It was over a year ago that Google announced some privacy policy changes which were to deny Google Analytics access to keyword data used by people who were signed into a Google account. In other words, if someone performed a search and landed up at your website via a specific keyword, this keyword would no Read more »

Get notified when search results change

Getting your website onto Page 1 of Google is a task that most website publishers aim for. Having that position is almost a guarantee that you’ll receive more traffic. How you get there involves a good understanding of search engine optimization, as we all know, but what a lot of people forget to look at is what Read more »

Social Media and Small Business: The Reality

While social media has been hailed as the the low cost, effective marketing medium of our time, both large and small businesses have been a little hesitant to embrace it. Once the studies had been done and the value and the benefits became a little more clear, companies took to social networks to engage with Read more »