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Inbound Marketing Mashup: March 2013

  At Serperture, we’re committed to delivering quality content to our audience. While the topics range from opposite sides of the digital marketing spectrum, our main focus will always be inbound marketing. The internet is filled with information, but as you know, it can be difficult separating the signal from the noise. We’re searching all Read more »

Introducing The Site Search Operator

Today we are going to use a very important search operator and one that we mentioned recently in our introduction to search operators post. The site: operator is very important from an SEO perspective and helps you identify which pages search engines have indexed of your site. The command you are going to use is Read more »

Meme Of The Moment: Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison Epic Rap Battle

This week we kick off with our new meme of the moment feature. Our opening feature is dedicated to the epic rap battle of history, Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. For all the history geeks out there, you’ll know that Nikola Tesla was Thomas Edison’s less famous employee, who eventually became his nemesis. Although their Read more »

April Coupon Giveaway

Every month we’ll be giving away a coupon to the first person who sees this blog post and is quick enough to copy the code below and paste it in during the registration process. The coupon will allow you to bypass the payment process and allow you to enter straight into the Serperture application and Read more »

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Serperture’s Knowledge Base

Serperture is a web app that creates SEO reports at the click of a button. However, that’s not all that it offers. Serperture has a built in knowledge base that can assist you in understanding the feedback that you get from the report. It Goes Into Detail Once you’ve run an SEO report and you’re Read more »

A Quick Introduction To Search Operators

Today we are going to give you a very basic intro into taking full advantage of search engines and how to properly find the information you are really looking for. I understand your frustration when searching for something and a mountain of useless information comes up. But today I want to help you to start Read more »

How To Run an Effective Competition on Instagram

Facebook’s big acquisition, Instagram, is growing in leaps and bounds. Even though there was a little hiccup regarding their terms and services recently, the photo based social network boasts over 90 million active users. The reason for Instagram’s success is quite simple. It’s visual. Not much text to read and it is easy to scroll Read more »

March Poll: How long have you been doing SEO?

On a regular basis we look at who uses Serperture because we like to know who we’re dealing with. Although we’re quite familiar with who’s who, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to all of you to find out a little more about you. We’re a friendly team 🙂 So today we want to reach Read more »

How to Write Engaging Blog Posts That Generate Comments

One of the biggest assumptions when it comes to blogging is that you either need to be a widely read blog to generate comments, or you need to spark controversy to bring in more comments. While it is true that blogs with a high traffic volume often have a lot of comments, and even more Read more »