Monthly Archives: <span>May 2013</span>

Using Social Media For Customer Service

We live in a time that is constantly connected to the online world. Getting answers to questions no longer involves going into a library, it’s all available in seconds on our mobile phone. This has changed the way people behave and the way companies do business. It is an age of instant gratification, and that Read more »

How To Exclude URLs From Search Indexes: Meta Tag

Recently we covered how to exclude certain URLs from your website using the Robots text file. Today we are going to dive into another tactic to exclude URLs from search engine indexes – meta robots tag What is it? First off, what does this line of code normally look like? <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”> This html Read more »

Inbound Marketing Mashup: May 2013

  It’s about that time again, when we present you with the top 10 inbound marketing posts from around the web in one convenient place. Snickers clever misspelt keyword campaign | iMod Digital Snickers worked together with Google on this clever Adwords campaign that used misspelt keywords. The campaign was a hit, getting 558,589 impressions in Read more »

Meme Of The Moment: Pumpcast News

This month’s meme of the moment is a viral hit that’s surrounded in controversy. It’s called Pumpcast News, Part 1 and it features a couple singing karaoke at a gas station. The clip features a news anchor reading  the news, when he notices the man singing while pumping gas. He loves the man’s singing Read more »

Penguin 2.0: Devastation or Delight?

Penguin 2.0: Devastation or Delight? Forget all of the Penguin updates that have proceeded the first Penguin update. Those seem to merely be false idols attempting to make their mark. This week Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web Spam team said that “Penguin 2.0” is coming within the new few weeks. @mrjamiedodd we do Read more »

You’ve Run A Serperture Report, Now What?

The beauty of Serperture is its ability to run reports on any website that you want it to. You should have already added your client’s details to the report before running it, but did you know that you can make your reports even more useful to your clients by including links to the relevant knowledge Read more »

How to Exclude URLs From Your Website: Robots.txt

Many websites are built on what is called a Content Management System (CMS) these days. Often these systems are not built with being completely search engine friendly in mind and extra pages or low quality pages pop up after being created by the system. Sometimes a user has added pages or folders that are no Read more »

May Coupon Giveaway

It’s that time of the month again, a first come, first serve coupon for the person with the fastest fingers! What do you do? Click here and sign up for Serperture – whilst you’re signing up, you’ll be asked if you have a coupon, enter in the secret number in the image below and you’ll bypass Read more »

Vine: What’s it About?

Twitter has been busy lately, having delivered two new mobile applications this year. The first, Twitter #music, has been slipping down the App Store charts. Vine, on the other hand, has been way more successful. Vine is currently an iOS app that allows users to upload and share short, looping video clips. These clips can Read more »