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YouTube “301+” View Count Explained

Have you ever seen a YouTube video and seen the number of views showing “301+” and wondered what that meant? How can a video have 300 plus views? Why not just show the correct count? I am sure you have seen a video with the view count “stuck” and thought that there is no way Read more »

Inbound Marketing Mashup: August 2013

I am Mackenzie Fogelson, Founder/CEO of Mack Web Solutions, Ask Me Anything | In this AMA discussion on, Makenzie Fogelson shares his insights about content, SEO and running a succesful digital agency. Amazing Cutts Rebuttal About Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings | Hacker News With much conversation around how Google+ is affecting Read more »

Google Introduces “Manual Actions” Tab In Webmaster Tools

Every webmaster has witnessed that nerve-wrecking moment when they notice traffic has dropped substantially or rankings have disappeared. We have all gone through that brief moment of panic where we wonder if for some unforeseen reason that maybe Google didn’t like something about our website and decided that a penalty or filter should be applied Read more »

Meme of the Moment: InTheWayGuy

Nick Landis decided that he wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Erika Boone, at Walt Disney World by getting down on his knee and proposing to her. He gave his camera to a Disney employee to capture the special moment. As Nick got down on his knee and the Disney employee started pushing the shutter on Read more »

You’ve Taken Serperture For A Free Spin. Now What?

Last time we took a look at taking Serperture for a free spin. You’ve seen all that this powerful SEO reporting tool has to offer, now it’s time to sign up and unlock its full power. Head over to and click on the Sign up button. Next, fill in your details. Here you will also Read more »

The Dark Side Of Social Media

Social media is a very tricky area to navigate. Starting out, on whichever platform, you follow a couple of recommended users, your friends, a couple of celebrities and you start getting a feel for the platform. Starting a conversation when you’re a noob isn’t necessarily easy. In fact, just engaging with the couple of influentials Read more »