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Inbound Marketing Mashup: October 2013

Brandopolis – How the world’s biggest brands make their mark online | Distilled The folks over at Distilled have put together a comprehensive big brand content strategy report. How To Perform SEO Audits | Alan Bleiweiss via Slideshare Alan Bleiweiss’ Pubcon Vegas 2013 slide deck on how to perform forensic SEO audits on web sites regardless of the Read more »

Meme of the Moment: Scarlett Johansson Falls

This meme took a while to come into play, considering how quickly things move on the internet. Back in December 2012, Scarlett Johansson took an unfortunate tumble, and being a world famous actress, the moment got caught by a photographer. Now in early October 2013, the Scarlett Johansson Falls meme has taken over the internet. Read more »

Reading Your Serperture Report and Using The Knowledge Base

Last month, we took a look at running your first Serperture report. While the report may seem overwhelming at first, it contains plenty valuable information that will help you optimise websites for the search engines. All the elements that get analysed by Serperture are explained in the report, which puts everything in context and helps Read more »

Vine May Not Be The Biggest, But Their Users Are Creating Awesome Content [NSFW] Vine, Twitter’s micro video sharing social network, may not be the most popular video sharing service on the web at the moment. However, its users are proving to be very engaged. The looping six second videos have made it easy for Vine users to absorb a variety of video content in a couple of Read more »