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Get used to tweets from people you don’t follow in your Twitter timeline. It’s an official feature.

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Free account on Black Friday!

We’ve got some really exciting news to announce: The first 100 people who sign up for Serperture on Black Friday will get a free account, no catches! All you need to do is sign up, use coupon code SEOFRIDAY and that’s it! It doesn’t get simpler than that. Happy Black Friday from all of us Read more »

Guest Post: The Color Theory of Web Design

The greatest artists and people behind the most successful web marketing campaigns have one thing in common: they understand how the use of color theory can influence the way a person thinks, feels and makes decisions. How can color theory be used to boost sales, entice customers and appeal to your target audiences? Emotional Responses Read more »

YouTube “301+” View Count Explained

Have you ever seen a YouTube video and seen the number of views showing “301+” and wondered what that meant? How can a video have 300 plus views? Why not just show the correct count? I am sure you have seen a video with the view count “stuck” and thought that there is no way Read more »

Google Introduces “Manual Actions” Tab In Webmaster Tools

Every webmaster has witnessed that nerve-wrecking moment when they notice traffic has dropped substantially or rankings have disappeared. We have all gone through that brief moment of panic where we wonder if for some unforeseen reason that maybe Google didn’t like something about our website and decided that a penalty or filter should be applied Read more »

The SEO benefits of transcribing

When it comes to business and the great depth of advantages to utilising online formats to promote and market whatever you or your business has to offer, every new layer of modern media or tools available brings its own benefits. Transcription is one of those tools that can be utilised by web publishers to optimise Read more »

How To Contribute to Serperture

You want the chance to become part of the Serperture family and leverage our community of close-knit SEO and marketing folk? Well your chance is sitting right in front of you. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to contribute your fantastic content to the community to help spread your expertise, but at Read more »

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Digital strategies today encompass so many different tactics that it is very difficult to ensure that all avenues are properly optimised. One of the more untapped facets of marketing online is video marketing and the use of YouTube to leverage communities and your audience that is already out there. However, with a vast number of Read more »

The Launch of our Promo Video

Hi folks, Today we’ve got some exciting news – we’ve launched our promo video! After months of doing research, requesting quotes and trying to strike deals we finally found someone who saw our vision and understood that we’re a bootstrapped start up that doesn’t have $5,000+ for a short intro type video. Even though we Read more »

How To Exclude URLs From Search Indexes: Meta Tag

Recently we covered how to exclude certain URLs from your website using the Robots text file. Today we are going to dive into another tactic to exclude URLs from search engine indexes – meta robots tag What is it? First off, what does this line of code normally look like? <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”> This html Read more »