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Search Updates Roundup: September 2014

  Google Authorship Removed: Official Announcement from John Mueller | Google+, 28 August 2014 Following up on the June 28th drop of authorship photos, Google announced that they would be completely removing authorship markup (and would no longer process it). By the next morning, authorship bylines had disappeared from all SERPs. Tweet This! It’s Over: The Rise Read more »

Google Introduces “Manual Actions” Tab In Webmaster Tools

Every webmaster has witnessed that nerve-wrecking moment when they notice traffic has dropped substantially or rankings have disappeared. We have all gone through that brief moment of panic where we wonder if for some unforeseen reason that maybe Google didn’t like something about our website and decided that a penalty or filter should be applied Read more »

Penguin 2.0: Devastation or Delight?

Penguin 2.0: Devastation or Delight? Forget all of the Penguin updates that have proceeded the first Penguin update. Those seem to merely be false idols attempting to make their mark. This week Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web Spam team said that “Penguin 2.0” is coming within the new few weeks. @mrjamiedodd we do Read more »

Let’s look at the 2012 SEO Industry Survey

It’s that time of year again when SEOmoz announce the results to their survey on the SEO industry. This is an exciting time for SEOs, companies that employ SEOs and anyone who is interested in SEO as the insight provided is invaluable. First up let’s take a look at what a typical marketer in the Read more »

Disavow Link Tool – block bad incoming links!

With all the algorithm changes that web masters have experienced over the past few months, it’s becoming increasing important to identify bad links pointing to a website. We recently ran a test on a website, where we bought links and obtained links from websites with low authorities and watched how the website dropped in rankings. Read more »

Webmaster Tools new feature – Index Status

Google have just made an announcement about a new feature available to website owners in Google Webmaster Tools – Index Status. Index Status refers to the number of pages on a website that Google has indexed. In other words, Google visits your website, looks at all the pages (not all, but many) and decides which Read more »

Oh no, is Google making even more changes?

For months Google has mentioned a “Knowledge Graph” and it has now been officially launched. The idea, in short, is to provide searchers with more tangible facts about people, places and things next to the regular search results. Google’s SVP of Engineering, Amit Singhal explained the Knowledge Graph as, “The Knowledge Graph enables you to Read more »