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Introducing The Site Search Operator

Today we are going to use a very important search operator and one that we mentioned recently in our introduction to search operators post. The site: operator is very important from an SEO perspective and helps you identify which pages search engines have indexed of your site. The command you are going to use is Read more »

A Quick Introduction To Search Operators

Today we are going to give you a very basic intro into taking full advantage of search engines and how to properly find the information you are really looking for. I understand your frustration when searching for something and a mountain of useless information comes up. But today I want to help you to start Read more »

Ten reasons to get your website audited

As a small business owner, you want to get the very best out of your website. After all, you’ve invested considerable time, energy and money on web design, web development and (we hope) web content. But what if your website isn’t bringing your business the benefits you’d been promised, or achieving the goals you’d hoped Read more »

What can SEO do for your business?

So you keep hearing this buzzword – SEO. Everyone’s telling you that you need to ‘to do some SEO’. But as a small business owner operating in tough economic times, you’re watching every cent you spend, right? Before you splash out on search engine marketing or hiring a fancy SEO consultant, you need to understand Read more »

Google Search Ranking Factors 2012

We came across this Google Search Ranking Factors infographic by Martin Missfeldt, a Berlin based German artist, who focuses on creative SEO, SEO for images and YouTube video-optimization, this morning and felt we would share it as there is value in this.   There is a lot happening on this infographic, but the most important Read more »