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Featured Campaign: Ikea Creates a Catalogue Website on Instagram

Russian ad agency, Instinct, has managed to exploit Instagram by building a website for furniture giant, Ikea within the mobile app. By going to the ikea_ps_2014 Instagram account on a smartphone, visitors are presented with 12 images that make up the ‘website’. The catalogue comprises Benches, Tables, Storage, Light, Textiles, and Ideas. Once the relevant Read more »

Featured Campaign: Volkswagen Eyes On The Road

The folks over at Ogilvy Beijing put together this great Volkswagen public service announcement to raise some awareness around texting and driving. Mobile phones have become one of the top culprits of motor vehicle related deaths. And the scary part is that we’ve all done it. The ad starts off as what seems like a Read more »

Babysuiting: Instagram’s Hot New Trend

What do you get when you’re a mother, who has some time on her hands, and wants to do something with her baby that doesn’t talk yet? Well, you suit your baby up, of course. Ilana Wiles, a blogger at Mommy Shorts, did just that. Last year, she came up with ‘Baby Mugging’, which involves Read more »

BBC Now Uses Instagram To Deliver Daily News

The BBC has started offering a new service by delivering news in 15 second clips on Instagram, called Instafax. The service is an evolution of BBC’s previous offering, called  Ceefax, which was shutdown in 2012. Three 15 second news clips, which highlight every day’s headlines, are part of an experiment to see whether Instagram is Read more »

Monitor Your Websites’ Social Footprints With Social Robot

Social Robot is a handy web application that allows you to track the social reach of your websites, simply by entering their URLs. Social Robot also keeps track of previous statistics, allowing you to track the progress you’re making with each website, saving you valuable time and offering the convenience of having it all available Read more »

Is Video The Future of Social Media?

With the rise of video apps like Vine and Instagram’s introduction of video to their platform, is video the future of social media? Yes and no. While Vine may not be as popular as Instagram video at the moment, they have a small, highly engaged community that creates some quality content. Vine is sure to Read more »

Instagram Adoption Growing Amongst Marketers

Simply Measured, a social media analytics company, has released a report that has discovered that 71% of the world’s biggest brands have taken to using Instagram in their social networking arsenal. These numbers rival those of Pinterest and Google+, making Instagram the fastest growing social network amongst marketers. What Instagram has in its favour is Read more »

Vine May Not Be The Biggest, But Their Users Are Creating Awesome Content [NSFW] Vine, Twitter’s micro video sharing social network, may not be the most popular video sharing service on the web at the moment. However, its users are proving to be very engaged. The looping six second videos have made it easy for Vine users to absorb a variety of video content in a couple of Read more »

How To Craft The Perfect Post On Social Media

As inbound and digital marketers all know, getting your content in front of many eyes as possible is a top priority. However, getting your audience to engage with your content is just as important. There has been some research into the field of social media, with studies done on which kinds of posts are most Read more »

YouTube “301+” View Count Explained

Have you ever seen a YouTube video and seen the number of views showing “301+” and wondered what that meant? How can a video have 300 plus views? Why not just show the correct count? I am sure you have seen a video with the view count “stuck” and thought that there is no way Read more »