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Serperture Design of the Month: January 2015

We all hate our alarm clocks, right? The folks from Withings Aura have built a great website that allows you to destroy alarm clocks. Why? Their new device is a more holistic approach to waking up. Hence the smashing of alarm clocks. Once you’ve smashed the first one, you can go ahead and read what Read more »

Serperture Design of the Month: December 2014

The title of Serperture Design of the month goes to Italian design firm, AQuest. They have designed award winning websites on several occasions, so naturally their home on the web should reflect some of the awesome work they do. When landing on their homepage, their design language makes an instant impression. It is slick, clean Read more »

Serperture Design of the Month: November 2014

Guillaume Bouvet is a craftsman designer and he has a very slick website. Most of the site has been put together using some very clever CSS effects. The use of hover effects with calls to action prompt users to click, followed by smooth transitions when clicked. Upon entering the site, users are prompted to see Read more »

Serperture Design Of The Month: October 2014

A Spacecraft for All by Google Creative Lab and Active Theory is the Serperture design of the month and is best viewed in Google Chrome. The project began with a news article about a group of citizen scientists who wanted to get in touch with a spacecraft that had spent decades dormant in space. Google Read more »

Serperture Design Of The Month: September 2014

This month’s design is a dead simple scrolling site that is incredibly slick. The site is Rain’s portfolio and can be found over at The site presents visitors with Rain’s logo and an animated prompt to scroll down. Scrolling down goes through four of Rain’s top portfolio works, followed by a short bio and Read more »

Serperture Design Of The Month: August 2014 [NSFW]

The design of the month is also happens to be the Awwwards Winner for July 2014. The French agency, Ultranoir, collaborated with artist McBess to bring us the awesome interactive experience that combines music, graphics and creative code in the form of “Over the tiny hills”, a promo for McBess’ band called The Dead Pirates. When the Read more »

Serperture Design Of The Month: July 2014

Tectonica is a company that builds all the online tools that are needed for a successful campaign, from strategy to production. They also choose to focus on non-governmental organisations, progressive politics and social-positive business. Their website tells their story, and it tells their story well. Although it takes a couple of second for the website Read more »

Serperture Design Of The Month: June 2014

Starting this month, we’re showcasing websites that not only have awesome design, but are also user friendly, intuitive and easy to understand. Being a power iOS user, I always look for apps that make my life easier. I came across Pomodrone’s website, and it looks pretty slick. The landing page is clean and simple. You Read more »

Guest Post: The Color Theory of Web Design

The greatest artists and people behind the most successful web marketing campaigns have one thing in common: they understand how the use of color theory can influence the way a person thinks, feels and makes decisions. How can color theory be used to boost sales, entice customers and appeal to your target audiences? Emotional Responses Read more »

5 high quality resources for icons!

Icons are incredible little things, from UI glyphs to Logos, they can turn a project from “this looks nice” to a project that is absolutely beautiful. We’re so priviledged to have some many talented icon designers, and icon resources on the internet today… Smashing Magazine Smashing magazine is an amazing collective of what’s new Read more »