Disavow Link Tool – block bad incoming links!

With all the algorithm changes that web masters have experienced over the past few months, it’s becoming increasing important to identify bad links pointing to a website. We recently ran a test on a website, where we bought links and obtained links from websites with low authorities and watched how the website dropped in rankings. What if a competitor linked to your website from a number of bad websites with the aim of destroying your rankings, how would you get the links removed? In a lot of cases, you wouldn’t be able to, and the black hat artist would succeed.

There’s good news though, Google will be launching a new service inside Google Webmaster Tools that will allow you to block unwanted links. The new tool, which Matt Cutts says Google is working on over the next few months has been named, “a disavow link tool” and will allow web masters to list incoming links to their site that they would not like to “count”, almost like a backward nofollow of sorts.

We’re going to keep our test website running until the tool becomes available and then use the disavow tool to block the bad links we put in place to see how the new tool assists the website, or whether it actually does.

What we’re also interested in is what will happen to links that are blocked by multiple web masters – will Google flag these websites? To us it sounds like Google is building the perfect tool to find out which websites on the World Wide Web are bad without doing any work, us web masters will do all the populating – clever crowd sourced procedure – win/win to all?

In other news, Bing has beaten Google to the punch and launched their very own disavow link tool! By logging into your Bing Webmaster Tools account, click to “Configure Your Site” and you’ll find the new tool. Simply enter in the site you want blocked and click “disavow”.

Here’s what the Bing Disavow Tool looks like:

bing disavow tool

Another incredibly useful tool to the Google Webmaster Tools quiver, regardless of whether Bing beat Google to the chase or not. Google’s most recent tool, Index Status, shows us that they’re pushing hard to give web masters more control over their websites.

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