Inbound Marketing Mashup: February 2015

Inbound Marketing Mashup of the month

  1. 6 Scientific Principles of Persuasion All Smart Ecommerce Founders Know | Shopify
    When a person visits your ecommerce store, they’ve already demonstrated a very important characteristic just by being there: they have some kind of commercial intent. Tweet This!
  2. 61 tips for increasing engagement on your website | Captain UP
    If you’re like most people, you’re probably concerned about getting traffic to your site. You might even believe that user acquisition is the real struggle.  Tweet This!
  3. 6 Things you’re doing wrong with Facebook Ads | Go Chime
    Since advertising on Facebook is a relatively new channel with a plethora of options available it can be a daunting task to get started.  Tweet This!
  4. Getting to The Top of Google is Useless |
    For Tim Fehraydinov, conquering the top is absolutely useless. Why does he think so? Tweet This!
  5. How I Made it to the Front Page of BuzzFeed Twice, and How You Can Too | Matthew Barby
    BuzzFeed has quickly become one of the most popular websites on the internet, attracting 150 million visits every month. BuzzFeed has also been spending a lot of time on crowdsourcing content within their community section, making it a valuable traffic source to many different websites. Tweet This!
  6. ‘Overnight, everything I loved was gone’: the internet shaming of Lindsey Stone | The Guardian
    When a friend posted a photograph of charity worker Lindsey Stone on Facebook, she never dreamed she would lose her job and her reputation. Two years on, could she get her life back? Tweet This!
  7. How To Build a Company and a Content Strategy Based on Values: Inside Rand Fishkin’s Journey with Moz | Buffer
    Do you have a favorite author or blog whose content is always so amazingly useful that it earns an automatic read every single time something new comes out? Tweet This!
  8. The Marketing Department of the Future | Moz
    Anyone who wants to get started in real digital marketing should work for a company that sells a specific product to a specific audience. Tweet This!
  9. Step-By-Step Case Study: How I Created a Post That’s Generated 113,817 Visitors and 2,000+ New Email Subscribers | Backlinko
    Click the play button in this video post to see the EXACT step-by-step system. Tweet This!
  10. Don’t Give Up On Facebook Advertising Before Trying These 4 Things | Unbounce
    It is often said that “common sense is not all that common.” This certainly holds true for marketers and small business owners who try to use Facebook advertising, fail, then call it quits. Tweet This!

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