Search Updates Roundup: December 2014


  1. Google Confirms Penguin Rollout Continued Into Thanksgiving Day | Search Engine Roundtable, 1 December 2014
    On Thanksgiving weekend, Barry Schwartz reported a lot of buzz and chatter around a possible Thanksgiving day Penguin refresh from Google. Tweet This!
  2. Google Penguin Reversals & Fluctuations This Morning | Search Engine Roundtable, 2 December 2014
    SEOs and webmasters were talking about seeing both reversals and new changes around sites impacted by the Google Penguin algorithm on the morning of December 2014. Tweet This!
  3. Is This The End Of The Penguin & Panda Era Shakeups And Recoveries? | Search Engine Land, 3 December 2014
    For many webmasters, major algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin turned their world upside down, but columnist Aaron Friedman believes the days of big upsets may well be over. Tweet This!
  4. Google: We’re Hoping Penguin Keeps Updating & Becomes A Rolling Update | Search Engine Roundtable, 3 December 2014
    We’ve been seeing a lot of Penguin related chatter recently, specifically around Penguin 3.0 launching, with several slow pushes on that algorithm through the past several weeks. Tweet This!
  5. December 2014 Google Webmaster Report | Search Engine Roundtable, 4 December 2014
    This is the last Google webmaster report for the year and the truth, it wasn’t that crazy of a month, like November. Tweet This!
  6. Glimpses Of The Future: 10 Fringe SEO Predictions For 2015 | Search Engine Land, 5 December 2014
    Columnist Nate Dame dives into the edge of the predict-o-sphere to uncover a hint of the big changes that just might catch everybody by surprise. Tweet This!
  7. Google Penguin Updated Again This Morning | Search Engine Roundtable, 5 December 2014
    On 5 December, there were more changes with sites impacted by the Google Penguin algorithm. Tweet This!
  8. Friday’s Google Penguin Changes Revert Back AgainSearch Engine Roundtable, 8 December 2014
    On 5 December, it was reported more fluctuations around Penguin hit sites. Well, those changes seemed to have reverted themselves 24-hours later. Tweet This!
  9. How Google’s Penguin 3.0 Is Playing Out Across The Web | Search Engine Land, 11 December 2014
    How has Penguin 3.0 resonated globally? Contributor Philip Petrescu of Advanced Web Ranking shares data on the algorithm update’s impact. Tweet This!
  10. Google: Those Penguin Fluctuations Are Our Ongoing Optimizations | Search Engine Roundtable, 11 December 2014
    We’ve been seeing an incredible amount of activity around sites impacted by Google’s Penguin algorithm over the past few weeks, smack inside the busiest holiday shopping season. Tweet This!
  11. Google Panda Updates Go On Holiday Vacation? | Search Engine Roundtable, 17 December 2014
    It has been a while since we found much shuffling around Google Panda, which is not normal being that it most recently has been updating at least every few weeks or so. Tweet This!
  12. 2014 Year In Review: A Look Back On What Happened With SEO | Search Engine Land, 23 December 2014
    Columnist Erin Everhart provides a round-up of the biggest SEO developments of 2014. Tweet This!
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