Search Updates Roundup: January 2015


  1. January 2015 Google Webmaster Report | Search Engine Roundtable, 5 January 2015
    This past month in Google, we had Google tell us that the Penguin shifts are ongoing – although, it died down after that for the holidays. Tweet This!
  2. Google: Penguin Algorithm & The Engineers Took A Break | Search Engine Roundtable, 5 January 2015
    During the busiest holiday shopping season, Google was making ongoing updates to the Penguin algorithm. There is no disputing that, Google confirmed it. But since the second week of December, Google seems to have stalled all updates. Tweet This!
  3. Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Local Algorithm, Pigeon | Search Engine Land, 9 January 2015
    Neil Patel provides a summary of what we know about Pigeon, Google’s new local search ranking algorithm that was rolled out in July 2014.  Tweet This!
  4. Google Algorithm Shifts? Some Early Chatter In The Community | Search Engine Roundtable, 23 January 2015
    There is a very early signs of a possible Google search algorithm update touching down. A WebmasterWorld has some European webmasters noticing some shifts and changes in the Google search results.  Tweet This!
  5. Google Search Algorithm Juno Blizzard Coming?| Search Engine Roundtable, 26 January 2015
    It was reported there some early chatter around a possible Google update. That is now heating up, or should I say getting turbulent as Winter Storm Juno threatens the east coast with serious blizzard conditions. Tweet This!
  6. Google: That Update Was Not Penguin Or Panda Related | Search Engine Land, 27 January 2015
    It was reported on webmaster chatter around a lot of shuffles in the Google search results and named it Google Search Algorithm Juno Blizzard. It isn’t a massive update, like you’d see with a Penguin refresh but some speculated it might have been a small Panda refresh.Tweet This!
  7. Google: Penguin Update Should Be Faster & We May Not Announce It | Search Engine Roundtable, 28 January 2015
    Folks are still wondering about the status of the Google Penguin updates. As you may remember, there has not been much activity around it since early December after they put it on a holiday break.Tweet This!
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