5 Things You Didn’t Know About Serperture’s Knowledge Base

Serperture is a web app that creates SEO reports at the click of a button. However, that’s not all that it offers. Serperture has a built in knowledge base that can assist you in understanding the feedback that you get from the report.

It Goes Into Detail

Once you’ve run an SEO report and you’re working your way through it, the site that has been audited will pass or fail certain criteria. For example, if the report says you don’t have a presence on the social networking site, Digg, you can refer to the knowledge base. Go over to the social media section and select the Digg article. The Digg article will give you all the relevant information you need, from how you can benefit from it, what you need to do to improve your presence to additional tips to get the most out of the social network.

Knowledge Base - Digg
The Digg Article In The Knowledge Base

It’s More Than Just SEO

The knowledge base offers fantastic SEO insight, but that’s not all. It also offers you tips on how to improve the overall design of your website. For example, there is a section about favicons, those little icons that are next to the website’s name on top of your browser window or URL bar. This allows for your website to be instantly recognisable. As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details.”

Knowledge Base - Favicon
The Knowledge Base Favicon Article

The Knowledge Base Helps You Optimise

The one thing that I love about the knowledge base is that it goes the extra mile. It doesn’t just provide information on the standard SEO techniques that you should be using. Instead it goes further than that. It provides knowledge on how to take your SEO efforts even further, by optimising your site for the search engines.

Knowledge Base - Optimisation
The Optimisation Section In The Knowledge Base

Easy To Understand For Novices And Experts

Whether you’re on a budget and doing your website’s SEO by yourself, or you’re an expert looking to do a quick site audit, the Serperture knowledge base puts everything in plain English and explains it all. This makes SEO so much less intimidating for everyone.

Seperture Even Helps You Convert

Getting your audience and potential customers to your blog is only half the battle. Once they’re there, you need to keep them there and get them to either take a specific action or buy something. In this aspect, Serperture has you covered. From overlooked aspects of your site, like contact forms, to Google Analytics, there is plenty information in the knowledge base for you to take advantage of.

In conclusion, Serperture’s knowledge base is a comprehensive resource that will enable you to make the most of your SEO efforts. And even go the extra mile.


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  1. jamesm

    March 14, 2013 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    Cool Post Alessio! It really is an awesome feature of Serperture. Not only does the report help you identify issues with your site, but then the knowledge base swoops in and helps you get to work on actually fixing some items.

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