Instagram Video, Vine or Snapchat? Who Rules Social Video?

It seems that Twitter was onto something when they introduced Vine, a short 6 second video clip that has to be shot from within the app, and is shared on a social platform. At the time, it was dubbed the Instagram of social video.

However, Twitter started changing the game slightly. They stopped image previews for Instagram photos in their feed. Soon after, Vine videos were being shared more than Instagram posts were.

Naturally, Instagram saw the threat and was challenged by it. Unlike Vine, they didn’t have to start an entirely new social networking app, they could leverage their millions of users and introduce video to them. This would cut out the need to switch between photo and video sharing apps, as it was all put together in a slick package.

There were mixed feelings from the Instagram community when video was introduced. Some users have yet to upload a video, while many members of Instagram’s creative community embraced it and found creative new ways of using it.

Snapchat, on the other hand, is totally different. It’s not about sharing your idyllic moments and putting a filter on it. It’s about capturing the moment with a grainy film clip or photo and sharing it with a friend or selected friends. The video clip or picture gets displayed and disappears from the screen within 10 seconds. A fleeting moment, if you will.

Since the introduction of Instagram video, Vine has seen a steady decline in the US iTunes App Store charts. Having been the number one app shortly after its release, the app is currently at the 25th spot in the Top Charts of all free apps, one spot behind Instagram. Snapchat, however, is in 21st place. Looking at free photo and video apps, tells the story a little more accurately. Snapchat is in second place, Instagram is in third, while Vine doesn’t even make it into the top 100.

Let’s talk a little more about Snapchat though. In an interview with Fast Company, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom showed nothing but respect and admiration for the mobile startup. He explains that scaling in mobile is really hard, and it’s something that Snapchat has managed to do while changing user behaviour. The company’s growing popularity as a photo and video sharing service ┬áhave set it up as a rival to Instagram and its parent company, Facebook.

According to the same article, Snapchat has raised a reported $60 million round at an $800 million valuation, with around 200 million messages being shared daily.

Ultimately, the two main contenders seem to be Instagram video and Snapchat, however, it also appears that they appeal to a very different demographic, with younger users being drawn to Sanpchat from Facebook. Time will surely tell, and I feel that an acquisition may be on the horizon. It would be interesting to see who would ultimately buy Snapchat and how they would be able to integrate within their current networks.




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    July 17, 2013 at 7:48 pm - Reply

    You’re the Instagram expert, what advantages have you seen the use of video over imagery?

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