Serperture Design of the Month: December 2014

The title of Serperture Design of the month goes to Italian design firm, AQuest. They have designed award winning websites on several occasions, so naturally their home on the web should reflect some of the awesome work they do.

When landing on their homepage, their design language makes an instant impression. It is slick, clean and makes for a pleasant user experience.

Large images dominate the homepage, each moving slightly within their frames when being hovered over. There is minimal text interspersed among the visually striking pictures, to tell a little of AQuest’s story.

Their live Twitter stream is captivating.

It is laid out in a perfect grid, with blocks of text surrounded by plenty white space, along with images and videos that fit seamlessly into their place.

There is also a static navigation bar on the top left, identified by the 3 tier ‘burger’ button. The icon is playfully animated and the menu fades in and occupies the full screen.

The about page is also quite interesting. Instead of having photos in the top section of the page, the images are stills of videos which play when hovered over. The movie experience is smooth and has the option of muting the sound. When hovering over the team’s photographs further down the page, the image reduces slightly, and a slight blue filter is applied to the image in keeping with the website’s theme, and the person’s name and job description appears.

Which websites do you nominate for design of the month?

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