Serperture Design of the Month: January 2015

We all hate our alarm clocks, right?

The folks from Withings Aura have built a great website that allows you to destroy alarm clocks. Why? Their new device is a more holistic approach to waking up. Hence the smashing of alarm clocks.

Once you’ve smashed the first one, you can go ahead and read what the Withings Aura is all about. I chose to smash a couple more, completely different, alarm clocks before I proceeded. A new alarm clock is presented with an annoying alarm each time and pushing the ‘No More Snooze!’ button destroys the clocks and displays a sleep related fact until you’re ready to proceed.

When you’re ready to go ahead, you’re presented with 6 facts about sleep and the option to learn more about the Withings Aura, each with their own CSS animations.

Smashing your alarm clock has never felt this good.



Tags: Web Design

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